MAGNUM Tube Mat offers unprecedented ease of use when

installing underfloor heating. Turn your existing radiator comfortable floor heating system in an instant!

MAGNUM Tube Mat consists an 8 mm underfloor heating tube on a fiber optic network. Once the mat has been rolled and is topped with a flexible casting mortar, the system with the aid of a manifold or RTL-valve is connected to the existing central heating system.

With an installation height of just 9 mm Tube Mat is ideal for renovation projects and for areas with limited installation height. The TubeMat can also be used as main heating.

MAGNUM Tube Mat is provided with 3m2, the mat and tube can be shortened if needed. When you have to cover a larger area, you can connect the appropriate fittings using up to four mats (for up to 12 sqm) on the same output of a manifold or RTL valve.


Mat width



9 mm

Mast Length 

6 m

Additional tube for return flow

2×3,5 m

Material tube


Oxygen diffusion-resistance

DIN 4726


10 years

RTL valve
This temperature control can be used for a combination of radiators and floor heating for small surfaces, for example bathrooms and kitchens. This arrangement consists a maximum of a limiter which will be placed in the return tube of heating group.

The RTL-functioning valve is an automatic temperature controller, which the temperature of water passes through heat transfer at a sensor. The valve only opens when the temperature of water decreased below the programmed limit. In the RTL-valve is connected to a tube using 25m eurokonus connecting couplings.



TubeMat 3m 8mm PE-RT tube mat 6 x 0,5mtr.


Return temperature limiter

W80004RTL Return temperature limiter
W80005RTL Return temperature limiter in recessed box
W80006RTL + room thermostat valve wall mounting box

Connection kits

W90801PUSH connection for 1x TubeMat 
W90802PUSH connection set for 2x TubeMat
W90803PUSH connection set for 3x TubeMat