This mat has been designed specifically to heat walkways and driving tracks. The heating mat is easy to roll out, can be cut and can be folded for easy and quick installation.


MAGNUM Outdoor Mat is a highly advanced system of heating

mats, 2 sensor units that measure moisture in combination

with the outside temperature, and a custom-made control box.


The power cord is connected to the resistance wire with an

electric welding. The aluminium casing protects the resistance wire against mechanical damage and shields the cable against EMC (electromagnetic  radiation). The advantage of this is

that the cable will not cause interference on mobile phones, electric garage doors and gateways, security installations etc.


The cable is equipped with PTFE (Teflon) inner jackets and a PVC outer jacket which is resistant against the influence of chemicals.


10 years warranty on the electromechanical operation of the cable.

    • Dimensions 2, 5, 8 and 10 m2
    • Power capacity 600, 1500, 2400 and 3000 watt
    • Connection voltage: 230 V/50Hz
    • IEC 800 and CE norms
    • ISO 9001 produced
    • IPX7
    • PTFE (Teflon) core insulation
    • Suitable for poured asphalt up to 240ºC

    Complete systems MAGNUM Outdoor installations are specially drawn and designed per case. A full watertight switchboard (IP-65) is made and installed to the ratio of the number of cables/mats and power capacity. For bigger works, the switchboard can be extended with modulating power regulators up to 50kW, that avoid peak load and besides also save energy. The system can be implemented in 230V as well as in 400V.
    Available products
    Part.No. Dimensions Capacity Dimensions Amperes Ohms
    126002 2 m2 600 Watt 0,5 x 4 Meter 2.6 88.2
    126005 5 m2 1500 Watt 0,5 x 10 Meter 6.5 35.3
    126008 8 m2 2400 Watt 0,5 x 16 Meter 10.4 22
    126010 10 m2 3000 Watt 0,5 x 20 Meter 13 17.6
  • Datasheet

    Download hier de MAGNUM Outdoor installatievoorschriften.