Full watertight switchboards, made and installed to the ratio of the number of cables/mats and power capacity. For bigger works, the switchboard can be extended with modulating power regulators up to 50kW, that avoid peak load and besides also save energy. The system can be implemented in 230V as well as in 400V.

Sensor units (ETOG-55)

The sensor units are equipped with a heating element that melts snow or glazed frost. This means the system is only activated when the outside temperature is lower than the set value (p.e. +3°C) and the sensor unit detects moisture at the same time. This method guarantees energy-efficient control.

MAGNUM Outdoor Control is supplied including an ETO-4550 Din-rail thermostat and 2 ETOG-55 sensors.

ETO-4550 DIN-rail thermostat

An intelligent all-in-one solution for melting snow and ice. Optimal operation is guaranteed by a power capacity regulator.

ETR-2 DIN-rail thermostat

The ETR-2 gives an economical control for melting snow and ice in smaller applications. With a focus on energy use and simple installation.

ETN-4 DIN-rail thermostat

An all-in-one thermostat with extensive temperature regulation, suitable for a wide range of applications. Simple to operate and program.

ETOG-55 Sensor unit (Moisture & Temp.)

This all in 1 sensor registers temperature as well as moisture. The built-in heating element takes care of highly accurate control. Supplied with installation pipe and 10 meters connection cable.

ETOR-55 Sensor unit (Moisture)

This moisture sensor is designed especially for installation in gutters and drains. Can only be used in combination with outdoor sensor type ETF-744/99.

ETF-744/99 Sensor unit (Temp.)

This outdoor sensor registers only the temperature. Can be used for temperature detection only, or in combination with outdoor sensor type ETOR-55.


10 year guarantee for electro technical function.

Connection box watertight (IP-65 conform NEN 1010)

Fully pre-assembled at delivery, including:


  • ETO-4550 DIN-rail thermostat 0/+5ºC 230V
  • 2x ETOG-55 Sensor units (Moisture & Temp.)
  • Potential free contacts 3×16 Amperes
  • Needed magnet switches (relay) 230V/400V
  • Needed circuit breakers 16 Amperes
  • Connecting terminals for mounting power supply cables
  • Indicator lights

Available products

Part. no.

Switch panels incl. ETO-4550 DIN-rail thermostat

and 2x ETOG-55 Sensor units

9000043.6 kW
90001010 kW
90002020 kW
90003030 kW
90004040 kW
90005050 kW
893550ETO-4550 DIN-rail thermostat temp./moisture 3x16A 230V
900056ETR-2 DIN-rail thermostat temp./moisture 1x16A 230V
892551ETN-4 Digital DIN-rail thermostat -20/+70oC 16A 230 V
890065ETOG-55 Sensor unit temp./moisture for road surface
900055ETOR-55 Sensor unit moisture for eaves or gutter
901441ETF-744/99 External outside temperature sensor



Download hier de MAGNUM Outdoor installatievoorschriften.