The MAGNUM Mat is a unique type of floor heating mat. The system has been designed to be used on an existing tiled floor or an existing finished floor, so that floor heating can still be installed there. The mat is approximately 4 mm thick and can be included in a layer of adhesive without any demolishing or grinding. The mat fits virtually underneath the surface. This decreases the heating time of the floor, that also makes this system suitable for rooms that are not permanently occupied including bathrooms, studies, playrooms, etc.

The advanced thermostat takes account of the required heating period, so that your floor is always at the right temperature when you want it.

MAGNUM Mat is available in 22 different surface area sizes from 0.75 to 25 m². Because the heating cable connects through at the ends on the mat, the power supply cable is only on one side and invisibly secured using a unique connection. This means that a return to the thermostat is not required.

  • Power capacity 600/1200/1900 & 3400 Watt
  • Connection voltage: 230 V/50Hz
  • IEC 800 and CE norms
  • ISO 9001 produced
  • IPX7
  • PTFE ( Teflon) core insulation
  • Suitable for poured asphalt up to 240ºC

Complete systems

MAGNUM Outdoor installations are specially drawn and designed per case. A full watertight switchboard (IP-65) is made and installed to the ratio of the number of cables/mats and power capacity. For bigger works, the switchboard can be extended with modulating power regulators up to 50kW, that avoid peak load and besides also save energy. The system can be implemented in 230V as well as in 400V.

Available products

MAGNUM Cable (Asphalt)

Part.NoCapicityLength cable connect.LengthAmperesOhms
125006600 Watt10 meter20 Meter2.688.2
1250121200 Watt10 meter40 Meter5.244.1
1250191900 Watt10 meter63.3 Meter8.327.8
1250343400 Watt10 meter113.3 Meter14.815.6


MAGNUM Cable (Concrete)


Length cable connect




120308300 Watt4 meter10 Meter1.3176
120458450 Watt4 meter15 Meter2.0118
120608600 Watt4 meter20 Meter2.688
120758750 Watt4 meter25 Meter3.371
1212081200 Watt4 meter40 Meter5.244
1215081500 Watt4 meter50 Meter6.535
1218081800 Watt4 meter60 Meter7.829
1221082100 Watt4 meter70 Meter9.125
1224082400 Watt4 meter80 Meter10.422
1230083000 Watt4 meter100 Meter13.018
1236083600 Watt4 meter120 Meter15.715
1242084200 Watt4 meter140 Meter18.313



Download hier de MAGNUM Outdoor installatievoorschriften.