Floorheating tube

MAGNUM Tube PE-RT floorheating tube: 100% Control

Incoming raw materials are thoroughly tested before they are released. Our PE-RT extruders guarantee a reliable and consistent product. Tube quality is monitored continuously. During the extrusion process, the wall thickness, the outer and the inner diameter are measured in real-time. These measurements are digitally stored permanently and can be accessed later.

\The produced pipe is tested in our own laboratory. It is examined by using a simulated aging. The tube has a minimum life of 50 years, the warranty of the tube. The structure of the layers are examined microscopically. It is of great importance that the mutual layers have the right thickness and that they are pretty consistent. MAGNUM produces PE-RT Type 1 tube and is certified by the institute under the KIWA BRL 5602. These can be requested at any time.


We manufacture the MAGNUM Tube in our own production facility. We keep the whole process in our own hands, This way we can guarantee optimal quality control and offer the highest quality / price ratio. 

Made in Holland

In addition to production facilities in Asia and Finland contributes the bulk of our core products labeled “Made in Holland”. As raw parts are produced elsewhere (under license), they are assembled in-house and submitted to very strict controls. As a result, our products are sustainable and we are able to give long warranties.