MAGNUM Tube underfloor heating pipe is made of PE-RT Type I and represents Polyethylene Raised Temperature. As a result, this tube is also suitable for high temperatures.

PE-RT type I is strong and yet flexible. It is copolymer of ethylene with a unique molecular structure, based on a controlled side chain distribution. As a result, it shows superior  erformance in the areas of stress fracture and resistance to hydrostatic pressure, without crosslinking. This makes the MAGNUM Tube recyclable.

This PE-RT Type l is optimally stabilized for aging, so the MAGNUM

Tube has a calculated life of at least 50 years under normal conditions.

The PE-RT Type I MAGNUM Tube is specially designed for use in hot and cold water systems, floor and wall heating / cooling and ceiling cooling.

The applied PE-RT Type I material for over 20 years a leader in tube applications where a wide temperature range is required.

The MAGNUM tube can be used in a temperature range of 5⁰C to 80⁰C. Short-term peak load to 95⁰C at a maximum of 6 bar internal hydrostatic pressure can be withstood without problems.



0,933 g/cm3  (ASTM D-792)

Linear expansion coefficient, 20⁰C – 70⁰C

0,19 mm/mK (DIN 53752 A)

Thermal conductivity at 60⁰C

0,4 Watt/mK (DIN 52612-1)

Softening Point (Vicat)  

122⁰C (ASTM D-1525)

Maximum elongation at break 

> 800% (ISO 527-2)

Bending radius  

5 x Diameter

Oxygen Density

EVOH Layer (DIN4726)

Equipped with KOMO, MPA and SKZ certification warranty.
W10080PE-RT 10 x 1,380 m
W10240PE-RT 10 x 1,3240 m
W14100PE-RT 14 x 2100 m
W14120PE-RT 14 x 2120 m
W14240PE-RT 14 x 2240 m
W14600PE-RT 14 x 2600 m
W16090PE-RT 16 x 290 m
W16120PE-RT 16 x 2120 m
W16240PE-RT 16 x 2240 m
W16600PE-RT 16 x 2600 m
W18120PE-RT 18 x 2120 m
W18240PE-RT 18 x 2240 m
W18500PE-RT 18 x 2500 m
W20120PE-RT 20 x 2120 m
W20240PE-RT 20 x 2240 m
W20500PE-RT 20 x 2500 m